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Association of Friends of CEIPI, the Center for International Intellectual Property Studies

Presentation of AACEIPI


AACEIPI is an association that brings together former students and friends of CEIPI.

The Association organizes meetings between professionals as well as conferences on current topics in the field of intellectual property.

The Association helps and encourages CEIPI students and graduates in their professional career. It also aims to be a privileged place to forge links between its members.

Each year, the AACEIPI organizes the Graduation Ceremony followed by a cocktail for the new graduates, as well as regular meetings between its members. 

Finally, the AACEIPI offers members of the Association a network directory of several hundred IP professionals, job and internship offers.


AACEIPI gathers members present all over the world. It develops and federates its partners present in the four corners of the world, allowing its members to know who to contact to find out about national news related to intellectual property.

The AACEIPI also allows everyone to benefit from the experience acquired by its members in the different countries where it is present.

Finally, the AACEIPI offers CEIPI students and young graduates a facility to expatriate to the countries they wish to discover and successfully integrate. 

Joining us gives you access to this network and its members.

The SPONSOR of the Promotion 2022/2023

I am very honored to sponsor the class of 2022/2023 of the Center for International Intellectual Property Studies.


I would like to thank all the students in the promotion and their director Yann Basire.  


CEIPI is an institution whose excellence is well established. As the main organism in France providing training in intellectual property professions, the CEIPI has acquired major expertise that makes it a key tool for transforming the innovations of our companies into economic value for France.  


I had the pleasure of meeting the students of the promotion 2022/2023 a few months ago. We were able to exchange in particular on the European dimension of intellectual property and the establishment of the Unified Patent Court, a corollary of the EU patent which should come into force in 2023.  


I also reminded the students of my attachment to CEIPI since in 2008 I contributed, as Mayor of Strasbourg, to bringing together the 3 Strasbourg players in intellectual property (CEIPI, IEEPI, a training school continues in PI, and INPI delegation).  


Students who are lively and passionate about the issues facing our society.


I am very proud to be their sponsor for this year!

Fabienne Keller

European Union Deputy


A word from AACEIPI's President

Dear friends,

The office is particularly pleased to take up its duties and support the new promotion of CEIPI.

After the excellent work of our predecessors, under the presidency of Laurence Dreyfuss-Bechmann, who knew how to maintain and even advance the association in times of COVID, we will do everything we can to stay the course.

The Association of Friends of CEIPI, - what a pretty name - is above all a rich pool of members, seasoned or future professionals. They all have Intellectual Property as a common denominator.

Together, we will help and accompany our students in the world of IP to make it shine.


Le mot du Président

AACEIPI's BOARD - 2023/2024

       Valérie Dorey                                     Vincent Mauriac                                    Chloé Piedoie                                     Marie-Sophie Bergazov

        President                                               Vice-President                                          Treasurer                                                     Secratary 


AACEIPI OFFICE - 2023/2024


 Laurence DREYFUSS                              Pierre TRUSSON                                        Maëlle SENGEL                                     Lucie VAUBAN

         Lawyer                                            Lawyer                                              Researcher 


    Manon RINGEARD                        Maxim VON ROHLAND              Thibaud LELONG                        Gabrielle Pierre Lenfant

Juriste au tribunal de Paris                     Directeur du développement                          Lawyer                                                  Lawyer        

L. D..jpg


The AACEIPI is eager to offer its student members and young practinioner who graduated in any IP field a connection with a professional sponsor / sponsor of intellectual property in order to assist him in his career development.



The members of the association benefit in priority from the activities proposed by and for the networkAlumnifrom CEIPI:

  • Professional meetings

  • Conferences, Workshops and Webinars

  • Job offers and career workshops

  • Sponsorship & Mentoring

  • Updated directory & networking platform

  • Legal news, Public positions

  • Cocktails, dinners and cultural activities

You get personalized access to focumented directory of several hundred IP professionals, job and internship offers, sponsorship contacts.

To join, you must complete the information form accessible by following the insert below and pay the membership fee which is between €20 and €35 depending on your seniority.

Secure payment is made online by credit card. If it is impossible for you to proceed by online payment, you can send a check to the Treasurer, by contacting him:


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